October 05 2022


This artwork is both a depiction of a thunder storm as it is an image of tree branches. The image is highly detailed. Rain can be seen covering the whole image.

It is made on a scratchboard, which is a medium consisting of a wooden board on which a layer of clay is added. On top of the clay it contains a layer of black ink. The ink is meant to be scratched away to reveal the white layer. With the right tools and techniques the black surface can be transformed into a light susceptible surface; A fitting visual effect to a thunderstorm.

For more information about this artwork, send a message to contact@annemarieslobbe.com

September 25 2022

A tekno adventure

September 20 2022

Acrylic paint on linen

The sky is a recurring theme in my artworks. In gathering clouds and the continuous shifting colors the passage of time can be observed.

This ‘cloud’ painting is made with an etching method.
The lines of the backdrop will appear or disappear depending on the viewing angle or the light.

For more information about this artwork, send a message to contact@annemarieslobbe.com

September 10 2022

An art studio is a space for relaxation and contemplation. My space is on the fourth floor and contains large windows from which I can see the ever-changing cloudy skies hanging above the city surroundings. It can feel like being in between heaven and earth sometimes.
The studio itself is equipped with relaxing furniture and atmospheric lighting. Being there gives a sense of timelessness.

September 5 2022

Sneak preview of a painting in progress.

August 8 2022

Podcast “Ateliergeluiden”
(Dutch spoken)
Listen on Soundcloud or Spotify

Rizoom has made a podcast series about studios visits. In episode 9 they visited my atelier in The Hague (NL).
Visit rizoom.art/Podcast if you want to listen all episodes.

I made this slideshow to add imagery to what we talked about in the podcast.
1) 04:00 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Alice in Wonderland re-publication.
2) 06:48: 120x180cm Acrylic and oil paint on linen
3) 11:15 100x100cm Oil paint 
4) 23:01 10x10cm Holographic foil, ink and resin on wood
5) 26:06 13x18cm Scratchboard
6) 31:03 Exhibition “focus loslaten | ontspannen” 2020
7) 38:42 13x18cm Scratchboard with coating.

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