Nederlands / EnglishAnnemarie Slobbe | 2019 | 160x200cm | Oil and acrylic paint on linen

The cycle of life that Annemarie Slobbe calls, the “transient, temporary space that exists in our own temporary manifestation,” “the light of the day that fades away, making room for the night,” we see them in the works. They reflect on life as a silent stream, and perhaps of what precedes life – made experienceable.
Annemarie Slobbe 80x100cm Space blanket resin and indian ink on linen 2019

“Life is like a stream in which you are taken along,
we can try to resist but the current does not change.
What we can control is how we deal with things in life.
We can choose to remain calm in the mind, trying to accept fate.”

Annemarie Slobbe 64x64cm Glow in the dark_heat responsive_glitter_resin_acrylic paint on wood 2019

Annemarie Slobbe origin drieluik 25x30cm pet drawing Ink paper frame 2019Annemarie Slobbe 80x110cm Oil and acrylic paint on linen 2019“Fate determines the next circle.”
This is how Annemarie, in her own words, works.
You can also see it yourself in her work: a marking of the place, infinite space, emptiness,
in which time unfolds.

… uncorrupted attention for infinite space, the emptiness, was not known within the accepted orthodox mindset of Western history for a long time – and still …

For space there was no first word, philosophical principle, metaphysical status –
and whoever thought otherwise was a heretic.

Annemarie Slobbe

To shape is an ideal of positivity, acceptance on the other hand a negative value.
Negative in the sense of: you don’t have to do anything for it. Just watch and let it be.

Shaping, positivity, is a strong value in our society.
The negative, on the other hand, is not popular.

This idea has played a role in all cultural expressions of the West and continues to do so, in implicit and explicit ways, even today.
The light is better than the darkness
The man than the woman
White than black
The mind than the body
Reason than intuition
Life than death
Active than passive
Fullness, than emptiness
Making, than being
Forming yourself, then relaxing, allowing yourself to be shaped by the space that you are already in.

Original Dutch text by Joyce Pijnenburg (PDF)